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Acutape rolls

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The tapes are either 5 cm or 2.5 cm wide and 5 meters long. They are made of specially designed stretchable fabric with an acrylic adhesive. The tapes do not contain any other chemicals or medications. They are presented in 4 colours beige, black, pink, and blue. The different colours are purely for personal preference, and are not intended to have different functions.


AcuTape is distributed exclusively in the UK by AcuPrime based in Exeter,
Devon. The tape is manufactured in Korea.

Acutape helping hands

For the hands

Acutape helping feet

For the feet

Acutape helping knee

For the knee

Acu-taping is especially useful in the realm of sports medicine.
The expected effects of Acu-taping can be summarized as follows: Pain reduction, Reduction in muscle spasm, improved tone of weak muscles, anti-inflammatory actions, improved immune state, decongestion and improved blood circulation.